High quality organic Japanese teas. From organic Japanese farmers to consumers around the world.

SONO ORGANIC is a startup located in Ehime, Shikoku island in Japan.  We aim to promote organic farming, support Japanese farmers’ conversion to organic, and help local organic farmers to sell their products to overseas customers via our site, SONO ORGANIC.  Currently we specialize in organic Japanese teas. Together with local farmers, we offer unique local tea products the world has not known.  

What's popular at SONO ORGANIC? 🍵


Fujihara Tea Growers – Tamaryokucha – Kabusecha Blended

Tamaryokucha this year increases sweetness with darker green color.

Blended with Kabusecha whose leaves were grown with shaded cultivation. 

Some tea trees in tea fields were shaded for a short period before the harvest.

Those leaves preserve amino-acids and increase chlorophyll. 

Try  this year’s Tamaryokucha and enjoy the rich umami taste with deep green color.

Miyazaki Sabo – Kamairicha – Highest Grade

Kamairicha Highest Grade is used only first harvest leaves from trees which provide the best taste and fragrance on our farm.

Slowly processed young buds with lower temperatures and bring out the fresh leaf flavor and sweetness.

Received the Emperor’s Trophy, Minister of Agriculture Forestry Award.


Miyazaki Sabo – Kamairicha – Powdered

Enjoy the nutrition and fibers of leaves of this Powdered Kamairicha; made from first-harvested leaves only.

Soluble with both hot and cold water. Well-suited for blending in with yogurt for good flavor and taste.

SONO ORGANIC will be attending the Nomad Tea Festival Europe. Stop by the booth and say "hi".

Enter NTFE > go to booth > search SONO ORGANIC.

If you are attending from PC, make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best festival experience.  

SONO ORGANIC will be at the booth at intervals on 24th October  from 4 pm to 6 pm & on 25th from 2 pm to 6 pm.




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