Bring tea, tea cocktail, tea mocktail, tea wine, tea spirit, tea food whatever you like. During the Midnight Tea Partea, we will share how each individual enjoys tea in different ways.

Our special guest Kyle, the founder of TeaBookClub will also look back over a year of tea reading with reviews, highlights and advice on reading each book.

The Midnight Tea Partea is a great way to spend a weekend night with full of tea, tea lovers, and get a snapshot of some great tea reads.

Give a break to your worries, loneliness, and endless thoughts.
Let’s breathe, relax, and enjoy tea together.

Saturday, Oct 24th

11 pm – Midnight CEST (UTC+2)

Are you outside of Central Europe?
You can calculate your timezone here.

Nomad Tea Festival Europe > Stage

Thanks to tea lovers around the world,
this tea partea will be complimentary. 

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Send us your tea video

What do you love about tea? Was there a moment you and tea felt like soulmates in the world? Do you have someone you want to say “Thank You” or “I Love You” or have something to celebrate? Show your love for tea and people with a picture or video. Your message will be aired during the Midnight Tea Partea at the Nomad Tea Festival Europe.
Teabookclub Kyle Whittington

Kyle Whittington

Founder, TeaBookClub

I’ve worked variously in the tea world over the last 9 years, including running a couple of tea start-ups. I continue to do tea events, pre-covid I was a guest presenter at the UK Tea Academy. As well as being a student and practitioner of Japanese Tea Ceremony in the Ueda Sōko tradition I create and research textile crafts for Chanoyu. In 2019 I founded TeaBookClub to share the reading and discussion of tea books with people around the world.