Getting To Know Your Bes-Teas

The Communi-Tea is about sharing your love and knowledge of teas with others and igniting a fire that fuels a love of tea.  Participants will gather together and share their experiences, find out what they have in common with other tea lovers, and encourage others to discover a new perspective.

Saturday, Oct 24th

9 -10 pm CEST (UTC+2)

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Thanks to Mike, this tea partea will be complimentary. 

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Mike Cuevas Virtual Tea Party Getting To Know Your Bes-Teas

Mike Cuevas

Administrator of The Communi-Tea

Mike Cuevas developed a passion for tea seven years ago, and has pursued this incredible journey for knowledge of flavor, culture, history, and process and shares his passion with others via his Facebook group, The Communi-Tea. Every Friday night, he hosts a live tea tasting streamed on Facebook and Twitch. He has recently started hosting virtual tea tastings and continues sharing his love and experiences in tea with others.​