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Women Can Control Photo Games With Their Vagina And Boost Sex Lives As They Play

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New App Allows Women To Play Games With Their Vagina

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The Smartphone Game You Play With Your Vagina To Boost Your Sex Life And Banish Embarrassing Problems

A game you actually play with your vagina. Its a pics game developed by physiotherapists and midwives for the vagina.

Meet The Sex Toy That Allows You To Play Photo Games With Your Vagina

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Perifit S Lets You Play Photo Games Using Your Vagina

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The Smartphone Game You Play With Your Vagina To Boost Your Sex Life And Banish Embarrassing Problems The Sun

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Finally, A Device That Can Work Out Your Vagina

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The Game You Control With Your Vagina

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Perifit Play Games With Vagina Pelvic Floor Exercise

Whether its caused by having had a baby or just simply getting older, one in three women have pelvic floor weakness and problems with incontinence. Just insert the pink controller it's adorable into your vagina, launch the companion app, select a game, and start squeezing.

Perifit S Lets You Use Your Vagina To Play Games

You then do kegels vaginal muscle clenches and the sensors on the device cause a butterfly on the app to go up and down on the screen. Playing a video game with your vagina is a singularly exhilarating experienceit almost feels like magic.