NTFE sponsorship 2020-2021

Are you looking for a way to differentiate your company from others? 

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Let us walk you through what is the NTFE and whether we will be a good match!

The Nomad Tea Festival Europe(NTFE) is a virtual tea festival that is dedicated to connecting, engaging and uplifting the diverse tea communities in Europe. Thanks to technology, anyone interested in tea is welcome to join. 
In July 2020, Soo Chung organised the Nomad Tea Festival(NTF) and gathered 550+ passionate tea lovers from 59 countries as a global edition.
This time, two people (Xenia Blanco & Soo Chung) are organising the Nomad Tea Festival Europe and will make the festival twice more impactful in the tea community. 

Tea vendors, tea speakers, tea party hosts, tea performers, tea bloggers, tea lovers, mostly people who are already interested in tea will attend the Nomad Tea Festival Europe. 

Meaningless numbers are useless. Anyone can sign up for a free event and easily forget & not show up.

The Nomad Tea Festival Europe is not a free event and most of our TEAkets are priced.

  • We expect 800+ dedicated, passionate tea fans in our virtual platform. 
  • We expect to reach 30,000+ people on our social platforms just in October.  


You will receive more than you pay. Check more details below. 

Our sponsorship starts from 600 

Sure! When you become a Gold Sponsor and already have a registered booth in the Tea Market, you will receive a discount for the amount of you paid for your booth.  Not applicable to Bronze sponsorship. 

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